Big SIGINT for Small Teams

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Big SIGINT for Small Teams

CRUMBCATCHER™ is a state-of-the art, fully extensible RF software framework that readily integrates software-defined radio (SDR) technologies, best of breed classifiers and decoders, and legacy systems, while providing workflow automation.


Operator Focused

CRUMBCATCHER provides small SIGINT teams with the kind of flexibility and task automation normally seen in larger platforms. It includes mission planning tools to set up for a target environment ahead of time. Operators can manage multi-freq copy, among many dispersed users, with stereo audio control and visual activity indicators. A handscan interface is built in for live observations. Record and replay of audio and RF supports live-mission, post-mission, and training from the same tool. Mission data is packaged in one product for post-mission processing.

Swiss Army Knife

Built for Flexibility

From the ground up, CRUMBCATCHER was designed with the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) in mind. CRUMBCATCHER scales to different platform hardware, is deployable on Intel and ARM-based computers, and is 3rd-party capability insertion friendly. Its web-based UI allows multiple operators to use a single CRUMBCATCHER instance or multiple instances from any browser-equipped device.

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