Big SIGINT for Small Teams

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Big SIGINT for Small Teams

CRUMBCATCHER™ Electronic Warfare Support (ES) is a state-of-the art, fully extensible SIGINT software framework that readily integrates software defined radio (SDR) technologies, best of breed decoders, and legacy systems, while providing workflow automation.

Operator Focused

CRUMBCATCHER provides small SIGINT teams with the kind of flexibility and task automation normally seen in large platforms. CRUMBCATCHER core SIGINT capability readily integrates software-defined radio (SDR) technologies and legacy systems to provide wideband spectrum survey, RF energy detection, signal monitoring, RF and audio recording/replay, signal classification, signal decoding, and direction finding (DF)/geolocation.

Built for Flexibility

From the ground up, CRUMBCATCHER was designed around Open Architectures, and built to support frameworks like SOSA, and MORA. CRUMBCATCHER can be deployed on Intel and ARM-based machines and is largely RF front-end agnostic. Multiple users can use the same instance to cover multiple bands, to include analog and digital signals.

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